Were You Spotted at Our Super Sixties Day?

by Charlotte Corrigan On the Friday 18th November, Westholme became a time machine and transported us all back to the swinging’ sixties. Pupils from Years 7 to Year 13 donned their floral frocks, sixties shirts and huge hair-dos! The results were spectacular!


Terrific Town Sports by Holly Cubbon

In June, the Westholme Athletics Team set off for the annual town sports armed with suncream, spikes and a huge dose of enthusiasm. Pupils from Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11  all piled onto the bus with butterflies twirling and twisting in our stomachs.


Many Magic Memories by Amir Majid

My first year at the ridiculously rich Westholme School has been more impressive than an ape rejecting a freshly sweet and juicy, ripe, yellow banana! In this article, I will take your mind onto a one way ticket to an all-encompassing account of my first


My Year 7 Experience by Keir Greenwood

My first day of senior was different to my experience at Westholme Junior School. At first, I knew some people like: Fin, Charlie, Tom, Ben and Suban. Although Suban wasn’t in the junior school, I knew him from cricket. This shows that even though you


Henry’s Year 7 Experience

Year 7 was my first year at Westholme! So on my first day I was very, very nervous.  The only person I knew was Clarke, but he wasn’t in my form. I soon found out that my form tutor was Mr Warburton and I was


Tennis Match Final for the Year 7 boys

The golden sun was beating down at the tarmac tennis courts above the astroturf, only 3 boys had turned up in year 7. All of the boys were accomplished tennis players; this included Tanveer Ali, Ben Whelan and me (Nathaniel Charnock). My first match was against Tanveer; I was first


Cecelia Ahern Visits Westholme

Cecelia Ahern’s first book ‘P.S. I Love you’ was fist published in 2004 and became an instant bestseller despite the fact that she was only 21 when it was written. Since then,  she has written many  more books which have published in more than 50

Year 7 Girls Tennis Tournament

Year 7 – Girls Tennis Tournament 2017

The late afternoon sun of Wednesday 5th July 2017 sent temperatures soaring into the high 20’s – classic weather for the season’s premier tennis tournament. It was 4pm and an energetic Rafa Nadal had just beaten Donald Young in straight sets – the next matches