Foreword from the Editor – Eleanor Goodall

Welcome to the Westholme Word.

This is an exciting new venture and a great opportunity for students to express their opinion on school life and to have their ideas heard. It is primarily for the enjoyment of other students and parents.

It is with great honour that we, the Westholme Word team, would like welcome you to our magazine and invite you to have your say about the things that matter to you.

It is organised and managed by Sixth Form students who are able to undertake roles such as the Editor, Picture Editor, and Lead Journalist. But we do rely on younger members of the school to seek out new and exciting stories. Many of the features and articles are written by junior journalists, who regularly contribute to the Westholme Word.

Pupils are awarded ‘journalist’ badges when they have made regular contributions to the magazine. Additionally, each term the best article is awarded a prize and a certificate.

Our aim is to report on events within the school, providing entertaining articles to the school community. We are proud to be able to give our students a voice and an opportunity to tell their story.

I invite you to read the article about enrichment to find out more about the activities that we can get involved in.

We believe that students should have an ability to voice their opinion on school life and the Westholme Word gives students at Westholme the opportunity to do this. Please contact us at magazine@westholmeschool.com to share your stories or comments. We would love to hear from you.