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Alex’s Adventure in Year 7

My first day in year 7: what a blast! Looking back, I had so much fun making friends with every one and playing lots of games. The best part of the first day was playing football in PE, as I was made the captain and


Daniel’s Year at Westholme

On my first day, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be really difficult bringing all of my books to school. I was worrying about finding my way around a school that I didn’t really know. Would I make friends or would


Robert’s Success at BDSSA Athletics

My first year at Westholme the experience My first year at Westholme has been a blast and a world of colourful excitement! But I could talk about everything but there have been too many events to talk about. Blackburn with Darwin Athletics tournament 20th June


Viral Vines

Watermelo’on! Watermelon is a vine where this guy says random rhymes incorporating watermelon in a silly voice into them. For example: ‘He tossed and turned to the sound of thunder but I got a watermelo’on to soothe my slumber.  Deez nuts! Deez nuts is another


The Final Shot

“Last round, come on girls!” shouts Mrs Gough as we draw 7 – 7 to our dreaded enemy…QEGS: a school we battle against, and often win against. This is a school we will bleed every drop of blood for, and once again, a school we


Year Seven Fundraising

On Monday 9th January year seven students got given the task to choose a charity which they would perform a presentation about during their EPR lesson. Sometime during the summer term weeks, Westholme Association would organise a ‘Night at the Movies’ event where year sevens


Westholme Story Mode

Westholme Story Mode Click the link above to view the Westholme Story Mode by Amir Majid! (When asked allow the document to download to view).


House Plays

On Thursday 15th December school decided to leave behind their helpful and resourceful books, just like Britain decided to leave behind the helpful and resourceful European Union. ‘A school without books?’ I hear you ask It was no ordinary day. On that day, the whole

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Young 8 Showcase their Talent!

‘Hairspray Medley’ By 8B and 8C: Also performed on the night were the amazing acts from soloists and other individuals who had been successful in their audition. They had busily prepared and rehearsed this sensational piece. Everyone brought talent to the stage! The night concluded