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Young 8 Showcase their Talent!

‘Hairspray Medley’ By 8B and 8C: Also performed on the night were the amazing acts from soloists and other individuals who had been successful in their audition. They had busily prepared and rehearsed this sensational piece. Everyone brought talent to the stage! The night concluded

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Talent Shines in Drama Showcase

Friday 2nd December was the night many had been waiting for after long rehearsals and exciting drama lessons. Westholme’s annual Drama Showcase had arrived! The night included performances from the much loved musicals ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Annie’ to drama pieces such as extracts from ‘Twisted’. New


Upcoming Drama Showcase

On Friday 2nd December, individuals and groups alike will participate in the yearly event that is the Westholme Drama Showcase. Audience members will be in for an amazing treat of talent from all ages, ranging from group performances to monologues. Not only that, but guests