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Tennis Match Final for the Year 7 boys

The golden sun was beating down at the tarmac tennis courts above the astroturf, only 3 boys had turned up in year 7. All of the boys were accomplished tennis players; this included Tanveer Ali, Ben Whelan and me (Nathaniel Charnock). My first match was against Tanveer; I was first

Year 7 Girls Tennis Tournament

Year 7 – Girls Tennis Tournament 2017

The late afternoon sun of Wednesday 5th July 2017 sent temperatures soaring into the high 20’s – classic weather for the season’s premier tennis tournament. It was 4pm and an energetic Rafa Nadal had just beaten Donald Young in straight sets – the next matches


Robert’s Success at BDSSA Athletics

My first year at Westholme the experience My first year at Westholme has been a blast and a world of colourful excitement! But I could talk about everything but there have been too many events to talk about. Blackburn with Darwin Athletics tournament 20th June


Race the Train

In July there is the annual ‘race the train’ race. The aim of the race is to beat the train. There are 2 different races, a 5km and a 10km. I ran the 5km race and did it in 36 minutes. I saw the finish


The Final Shot

“Last round, come on girls!” shouts Mrs Gough as we draw 7 – 7 to our dreaded enemy…QEGS: a school we battle against, and often win against. This is a school we will bleed every drop of blood for, and once again, a school we


Poetry in Motion by Lucy Parr

My sporting abilities aren’t the best, I am not good at being put up to the test, Although I do like to try, In cross country my friends run past and wave goodbye, At Wimbledon on a summer’s day, I sat at home and watched


Westholme gets active for charity!

Friday 18th of November appeared to be a normal Friday at Westholme. This is aside from the whole school being filled with students and teachers wearing colourful sports gear for Children in Need. Westholme had decided to do an exercise morning based on ‘a healthy body is


BWDSSSA Cross Country 2016

Blackburn with Darwen School’s Cross Country Picture the scene: it’s 9:00am in the morning; it is cold and dull. The mud is thick and cloying and your job is to run through it. Yes, it’s the Blackburn Cross Country Competition. What’s the reward for performing