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Blackpool Art and Photography Trip

On Friday 2nd December, 33 Art and Photography students from Year 11 and the Sixth Form embarked on an exciting trip to Blackpool.  Students captured photographs at the zoo, tower and the Pleasure Beach which they will use to help inspire and inform their practical


GCSE Survival Tips

Stay organized! Staying organized in general and not just for your GCSE’s is important. Why you ask? Well, being organized can save alot of time which you can use to do even more work. Also GCSEs are very important for your future so the more


Help With Exam Stress…

Being in year 11 can definitely seem daunting. It’s the year of the all-important GCSE’s and also what could be your final year at Westholme. I myself have experienced it all, the controlled assessments, increase in homework, the sad goodbyes at the end of year