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My Year 7 Experience by Keir Greenwood

My first day of senior was different to my experience at Westholme Junior School. At first, I knew some people like: Fin, Charlie, Tom, Ben and Suban. Although Suban wasn’t in the junior school, I knew him from cricket. This shows that even though you


Tennis Match Final for the Year 7 boys

The golden sun was beating down at the tarmac tennis courts above the astroturf, only 3 boys had turned up in year 7. All of the boys were accomplished tennis players; this included Tanveer Ali, Ben Whelan and me (Nathaniel Charnock). My first match was against Tanveer; I was first

Year 7 Girls Tennis Tournament

Year 7 – Girls Tennis Tournament 2017

The late afternoon sun of Wednesday 5th July 2017 sent temperatures soaring into the high 20’s – classic weather for the season’s premier tennis tournament. It was 4pm and an energetic Rafa Nadal had just beaten Donald Young in straight sets – the next matches


Daniel’s Year at Westholme

On my first day, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be really difficult bringing all of my books to school. I was worrying about finding my way around a school that I didn’t really know. Would I make friends or would


Viral Vines

Watermelo’on! Watermelon is a vine where this guy says random rhymes incorporating watermelon in a silly voice into them. For example: ‘He tossed and turned to the sound of thunder but I got a watermelo’on to soothe my slumber.  Deez nuts! Deez nuts is another


Year Seven Fundraising

On Monday 9th January year seven students got given the task to choose a charity which they would perform a presentation about during their EPR lesson. Sometime during the summer term weeks, Westholme Association would organise a ‘Night at the Movies’ event where year sevens


Westholme Story Mode

Westholme Story Mode Click the link above to view the Westholme Story Mode by Amir Majid! (When asked allow the document to download to view).


First senior term experience

My first term here at Westholme has been amazing! It flew by so fast. However it was not as I imagined– which is a good thing. I thought Year 7 would be very hard and I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I thought I


Year sevens build their own castles

It’s the time of the year that all of the history department have been looking forward to since last year. It is the Year 7’s first project; medieval castles. The students had four weeks to build a castle in the British Isles. The project will