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Race the Train

In July there is the annual ‘race the train’ race. The aim of the race is to beat the train. There are 2 different races, a 5km and a 10km. I ran the 5km race and did it in 36 minutes. I saw the finish


Poetry in Motion by Lucy Parr

My sporting abilities aren’t the best, I am not good at being put up to the test, Although I do like to try, In cross country my friends run past and wave goodbye, At Wimbledon on a summer’s day, I sat at home and watched

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Young 8 Showcase their Talent!

‘Hairspray Medley’ By 8B and 8C: Also performed on the night were the amazing acts from soloists and other individuals who had been successful in their audition. They had busily prepared and rehearsed this sensational piece. Everyone brought talent to the stage! The night concluded


Desert Haikus

Lots of kangaroos, Great Australian desert, Amazing mountains.   By Finlay Shepherd.   Big cracks in the ground, The Atacama desert, Stationed in Peru.   By Suffyaan Chambria.   Riding on camels, The scorching sun beating down, Sand dunes everywhere.   By Caitlin Slater.  


Poetry Power in Year 8

Year 8 celebrated National Poetry Day in style. They read poems, created dances, sent messages (well, this was the theme). They dazzled Mrs Hiller, the Head of English, with their poetic creations. Year 8T ‘T’ has to be for terrific. The whole performance was spectacular.