Cecelia Ahern Visits Westholme

flawedCecelia Ahern’s first book ‘P.S. I Love you’ was fist published in 2004 and became an instant bestseller despite the fact that she was only 21 when it was written. Since then,  she has written many  more books which have published in more than 50 countries and over sold 25 million books worldwide, with two of her books being made into films, ‘Love, Rosie’ and ‘P.S. I Love You’.

Most of her books have been aimed at adult readers, however two of her more recent books,  ‘Flawed’ and ‘Perfect’ have been aimed at young adults.

On the 28th March 2017, Westholme had the pleasure of welcoming Cecelia into our LRC to give a talk about her latest book ‘Perfect’ ( a sequel to her previous book Flawed) which was being released on the 30th March. She came across in her talk as a woman who loved writing and has done for all her life.

Many of the questions asked revolved around the book and how she comes up with the themes of her books, to which she answered that she takes inspiration from everything around her, such as the people and places and that when a good idea comes into her head it evolves from there.

Having read the first book in the sequel – ‘Flawed’ – I think that it really stood out from any other YA fiction book that I had read simply because of its unique story line and compelling characters. It is about a world in which you are not allowed to make a mistake – where every bad decision and every little white lie sees you branded as flawed for the rest of your life, all of which is controlled by the Guild and its leader Judge Crevan. The Flawed are outcastes from society and they live by different rules, curfews and a basic diet are just some of the things that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

I was gripped by this novel from start to finish and although usually there are black holes and things missed out in complex storylines, I felt as though this novel explained everything really well and nothing left you confused or bewildered.

Anna Healey