Henry’s Year 7 Experience

Year 7 was my first year at Westholme! So on my first day I was very, very nervous.  The only person I knew was Clarke, but he wasn’t in my form. I soon found out that my form tutor was Mr Warburton and I was in 7T. I promptly made friends with Sami, Daniel and Amir. When we started to go to lessons we often got lost as we didn’t know where the classrooms were.

A few weeks later when I was more settled into Westholme, I bought a drink from the vending machine and then I opened it. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to do a bottle flip with it even though I had only one sip. So when I did the bottle flip, it exploded all over my blazer.

Twice a week (normally Tuesday and Thursday) there is an assembly ranging from a variety of things such as awards being given out to a National Poetry Day assembly. Throughout the year there has been a variety of different exciting assemblies and house assemblies.

The lessons at Westholme are very different to the lessons we had at primary school. At primary school we only had English, Maths, Science and PE. The teachers at Westholme are very nice (most of the time). The subjects I didn’t have at primary school are: EPR, history, French, Spanish and Computing.

Westholme have lots of House events such as, House music, the House plays (which were very good), House cricket, House football, rugby, cross country and the biggest event of them all: Sports Day!

My favourite day at Westholme was when we went on a trip to Hothersall Lodge. At Hothersall Lodge we did a lot of activities such as: a low rope course, pond dipping, orienteering and team challenges.

I have mostly enjoyed Westholme and I hope Year 8 is as good as Year 7.