House Plays

On Thursday 15th December school decided to leave behind their helpful and resourceful books, just like Britain decided to leave behind the helpful and resourceful European Union.

‘A school without books?’ I hear you ask

It was no ordinary day.

On that day, the whole school migrated to the theatre, bodies filled with excitement ready to fulfil a fun-filled amusing morning: lounging like sloths and roaring with laughter. This annual event was the house plays.

In preparation for the House Plays the house captains would choose a theme several weeks before the event for there to be plenty of time for rehearsals. Each theme would have an amusing twist and would project Westholme life as a comedy. They even make fun of teachers!

Longridge’s theme was Take Me Out where the students were behind the buzzers and a head teacher would try and pitch their school to them, but remember: no likey, no lighty!

Bowland did their play based on Doctor Who. I’s funny alterations included the Head Girl (in the past) finding out that boys will join Westholme in the future and they went to the future to stop it.

Next was Calder. Calder decided made lots of amusing connections throughout their ‘ITV Good Morning’ theme presented by Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby as played by the house captains themselves Jolie Mackereth and Megan Jones. They included various hilarious acts such as a fashion show, All I Want for Christmas is Soup and the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Finally was Pendle and their theme of ‘I’m a Westholmian Get Me Out of Here’. The pros being the Bush Tucker Trials, the Tauheedal Traffic and the X Factor!

Overall the house plays were an excellent event to both act in and watch. It definitely cheered up the students and put them in the Christmas spirit. The well-deserved winners, with the Deputy Head Girl as Paddy, were Longridge. Their play truly shone and stood out to the old Westholmian judges. It was an amazing day!

By Amir Majid 7T