Many Magic Memories by Amir Majid

My first year at the ridiculously rich Westholme School has been more impressive than an ape rejecting a freshly sweet and juicy, ripe, yellow banana! In this article, I will take your mind onto a one way ticket to an all-encompassing account of my first year of Westholme Senior School.

Each lunch devoured is like heaven on a plate. When you enter the hall, the pleasant aroma of hot meals and fresh sandwiches enter your nostrils and hypnotise the victim. Once you get your bearings of the diverse amount of lunches available, the cooks minds are like well-ordered cupboards and instantly serve the scrumptious meal. My favourite meal is the legendary chicken and mushroom pie, which is drizzled with a creamy sauce and topped with a flaky layer of pastry. Each morsel of the chicken and mushroom pie promises a party on your tongue. Is your favourite lunch the super sensational chicken and mushroom pie too?

If the mass amount of people dining in the hall intimidates you, or you simply want a tasty truffle treat then Westies is the perfect place for those situations! Westies sell everything from smooth pens and simple notebooks, to chilled drinks and crunchy crisps. I certainly would prefer a bottle of Yazoo chocolate, to a mundane cup of water!

I am so glad I chose Westholme over Clitheroe Royal Grammar because I’ve easily made many friends, survived PE lessons and it’s one of the few schools which are colossally rich enough to contain a full sized theatre, a sizable swimming pool and a well-used astroturf which is complete with under floor heating and flood lights for the evening sport fixtures.

One of the greatest memories of Year Seven currently stands: The Boy Who Cried Teacher! This classic tale, with a twist in the tail, is a memory which includes everything from hilarious humour to silencing suspense… As we entered the Geography room, we all started chatting, like ordinary people do when they’re lost for something to do (especially boys). But if we were caught messing about and having ‘a doss’ instead of readying our books and continuing to shade our maps… Well, who could say what our teacher would do!

One brave person, who must not be named (Suban Jalal), went on lookout so he could alert us if a teacher was coming.

We waited….

“Teachers coming!” he suddenly shrieked, and we all rushed to our desks, sat down smartly and opened our books to look as though we were ‘good’ and ‘well behaved’ boys. Then he chuckled: “Ha-ha, just joking around!”

Our faces tempered as steel, we got up to have a go at Suban and conclude our convocations.

In the next moment Suban once again wailed “Teachers coming!”

Nobody listened.

The teacher strode in just as: 70% of the class were chatting and sitting on desks, 20% were being loud and shouty, 9% were wrestling amusingly, and finally, 1% of the class (Suban) was smartly sitting, shading his map, had everything out ready to start the lesson and was acting like a ‘well behaved’ and ‘good’ boy.

You can guess what happened next…

In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of what Westholme has served me on a golden platter. I have made use of vital opportunities and made many magical memories.