My First Year at Westholme – by Clarke Kobelt

Hello my name is Clarke, but I’m known to many as Clarkey! I’d like to tell you all about my first year at this amazing school.

It all started in 2016 before Trump and May were in power and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was released!

We were stationed in are new, pristine form room also known as the ‘Textiles Room’.  We were asked to find a partner to go on a Treasure Hunt to find where all the rooms were and let me tell you it was a lot to digest! My partner was called Tom and we are really good friends now.

Now my lessons: they are the best! All of the teachers are lovely; my favourite lesson is English because we get to read books! At the minute we are reading ‘Harry Potter’. Another reason I love English? Well, it is because we have really interesting topics, for example ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. I loved doing the acting and playing all the different parts.

My other favourite day was on a Science trip to Catalyst, where we got to mix chemicals and watch a great display of reactions!

Some of the lessons we didn’t have at my junior school were: Textiles, Spanish, Geography and EPR. In EPR, we are making masks.

My next topic is clubs: I took part in and one of the clubs that I am taking part in is chess and this school has a wide variety of chess players.

I hope year 8 has loads to offer. I’m sure it will!