My Year 7 Experience by Keir Greenwood

My first day of senior was different to my experience at Westholme Junior School.

At first, I knew some people like: Fin, Charlie, Tom, Ben and Suban. Although Suban wasn’t in the junior school, I knew him from cricket. This shows that even though you might not have attended the junior school, you will maybe know someone from your old school or an out of school activity.

On the first day, I saw the school and immediately I was so nervous. The school was huge to me. After I had seen everyone else, I suddenly didn’t feel nervous, I felt confident and happy.

Quickly I realised, this is the school for me…

I firstly went to Mrs Corrigan’s lesson. I was very scared to see who my teachers were. Half way through, I was relaxed but still very nervous for the day ahead. I was lost about 10000 times.

The lessons are awesome. My favourite subject is definitely P.E. It fits my liking as well. It has a variety of different sport and games: Cricket, Football, Swimming, Badminton, Athletics, Rugby and lots more.

If you are a new student at Westholme I guarantee you will love it. It is a great school. All the subjects you will love!