Siobhan Privonitz-Smith considers why ‘Diets don’t work’.

diet-2Why diets are never a good idea

If diets really did work would there be so many “new greatest diets” or “slim fit” regimes out there?

Every year the world tries to make this so called “perfect diet” the one that will finally concur all odds and turn that size 20 to a size 12.

Imagine if you were told to throw every food in your house out and from now on only allowed to buy chicken and carrots. How long would you possibly last? The problem with diets are that they are only a temporary, this is not a healthy life style and it certainly can’t sustain you for long.

But every body type is different. Some people can’t survive the day without bread others without Pepsi. For me its crisps, a life without curly salt and vinegar crisps would not be a life worth living.   Therefore the only way to control your weight is exercise, exercise, EXERCISE.

As a country we have become obsessed with losing weight since the introduction of the “perfect body type” which everyone battles to look like, the struggle each day is unreal. The exercise plans that no one ever sticks to and the newest trend of eating kale to obtain the perfect weight. Even with the trend of being slim we somehow as a nation never manage to succeed. You wonder why? Fast Food! As a nation we are so controversial to the slim body, yet we continue to mass eat poor quality, cheap fast foods therefore the diet was invented.

Every diet plan has become obsessed with proving that they work so that they can draw in unsuspecting customers with their photos of super skinny people, I’ve seen a lot of them lately gracing my ENTIRE Instagram feed.

They’re starting to seriously annoy me.

What happens when you stop eating those boxed meals that the diet plan provides? The ones so spectacularly advertised by our favourite celebrities. This is no way to survive boxed meals will be the death of this country. There needs to be a balance between healthy eating and exercise. An extreme dieter has a disconcerting pattern of shedding lovers, family and friends along with pounds which is no way to live. There has been some research that “extreme dieting leads to increased rates of anxiety,” says Dr Michael Green.

We are hopeful maybe even slightly desperate to discover the hidden secret to extreme weight loss without giving up our favourite snack foods or by dieting, unfortunately for some of us there is not quick and easy way to do this.

You’re capable of being the best version without needing to diet; stop letting the internet decided whether your body type if perfect you don’t need diets to make you feel fabulous. Weight loss needs to be your afterthought, looking after yourself is more important you need to stay healthy and diets are certainly not healthy.

So, perhaps you should just eat healthily in 2018 and be healthy and happy. A good resolution, don’t you think?