Tennis Match Final for the Year 7 boys

The golden sun was beating down at the tarmac tennis courts above the astroturf, only 3 boys had turned up in year 7. All of the boys were accomplished tennis players; this included Tanveer Ali, Ben Whelan and me (Nathaniel Charnock). My first match was against Tanveer; I was first to serve and I won the game, 1-0. Tanveer was on fine form, playing at the top of his game. I won the match 4-0 but was fortunate not to lose a game. Ben then had to play Tanveer; Tanveer was playing even better in this match than he did in the one against me! Tanveer went 2-0 up, but Ben brought it back to win 4-2.

The next match was the final, me versus Ben. We both started strong; I won the first game but Ben bounced back and made it 1-1. I won a game again; then so did Ben; then so did I, then so did Ben; this meant the score was 3-3 so we went to a tiebreak ( this means a game scoring up to 7, but you have to win by two clear points).

1-0 me, 4-1 Ben, 4-4, 6-4 Ben set point, 6-6, 8-6 Ben. Ben had won the first set so this put me under a lot of pressure; I played really well in this set, just like Ben had done the set before. I won this set 4-3 on a tiebreak, Ben also had two Championship points in this tiebreak but I managed to bring it back and win the set. It was getting late; so we decided to do a tiebreak to seven to see who won this marathon match. Ben won the first point with a deep shot to the baseline; I then won the next four points, with two winners and two drop shots.

What a match! Ben managed to bring it back to 6-4, match point to Ben, my heart was beating quickly. I kept my cool though to win the next point by wrong footing Ben. I the then won the next point again to make it 6-6, Ben then played a fantastic shot to my forehand. 7-6 Ben. I then won the next two points to make it 8-7. Match point me. It was my serve; I did a powerful serve to Ben’s backhand. Ben returned it, without breaking a sweat! I then did a deep shot to Ben’s backhand but unfortunately Ben hit his return out. I had done it !!!. I was the champion of the Year 7 boys tennis tournament. This was an epic match with lots of twists and turns.

By Nathaniel Charnock